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Cakes smell amazing and are freshly baked! Will buy again. Kudos that they are still operating in the extended circuit breaker period. 

                                                                         Hammies, 2020

Received the item in good condition. Delivery guy text before coming which is good. Yet to taste but it looks delish!                                 

                                                                               Shurahman, 2020

Thank you for informing me about the delay. However it will be better to let me know much earlier .However the delivery is fast. And there is a sms letting me to keep track of my pdt n who is the delivery person. (Marvellous) Food wise , i have yet to eat. Shd be good.                                 

                                                                                          Jojie, 2020

Thank goodness they are still open and operating during CB.                                                                                         Dominik, 2020

Fairly quick delivery, all things considered. Now I can eat my feelings to fill the gaping void that covid has given all of us :)      

                                                                               Bernthefern, 2020

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